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Does it hurt?

Well, simply put, yes... but only for a little while! I like to say that none of my tattoos hurt now, lolol...

Pain is a very subjective sensation that everyone will experience to some degree while being tattooed.

The very best way to prepare for a tattoo session is to have a great night's sleep, hydrate, and get a really solid meal in you about an hour ahead of coming in to have work done, even if you don't normally eat that way, or that early. I'd say on a professional level, and after decades of tattooing, that 9 times out of 6, it's not eating prior that makes for a difficult session (but also beware of a hungover tattoo artist!).

Your body goes into a "fight or flight" response to being injured. It doesn't know what's happening, it just goes right into producing adrenaline (liquid energy) and endorphins (helpful painkillers), as well as moving blood around your body, and other amazing chemistry-set magic. This all, of course, takes fuel in the form of food and nutrition.

I've had many people try and justify not eating ahead with a diet they're pursuing, or some other reason, but ultimately, you shouldn't head out to go put your body through a trial without proper preparation. Sampling a yogurt or sniffing some toast won't cut it! A filling meal of a variety of nutrition is best, i.e., carbs, protein, vegetation, and lots of water! Trust me, your body will thank you!

For helpful reference, I've done some extensive research, and updated a tattoo chart that I found online.

Have an amazing session!



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