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Black Grunge
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September 24th, 2020

So I can smoke crack and shoot up heroin on Oregon streets, but if I visit my family for Thanksgiving, I'll get arrested. That sound right to you? "15 days to slow the spread" turned into 15 months real quick.

We've given these politicians way too much power over all of this and all of us. It's clearly gone to their maniacal little heads. These decrees/edicts/mandates/orders are not actual laws, nor the will of the people.

*Spoiler alert* - yer gonna fucking die.

Continue to live your life because this is the only one you have. Hoveling in fear and terror that's been piled on by the authoritarians, elites, and the mainstream gobbling pod people, is simply not living.

My advice, take it or leave it... Get outside. Get away from the city. Get off social media. Get right with the Universal Spirit of your choosing. Let it go. Let go of the drama and ego. Create and share positivity through smiles, laughter and the occasional kind words, if you can muster the energy and time. Breathe in fresh air and freedom and let no other being ever stop you from being alive in your own way.

I hope that you and yours are able to come together and celebrate life with real gratitude this Thanksgiving.

**this is a real movie on Amazon Prime, BTdubs**


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