Gift Certificates

Looking for or can't find that perfect gift for someone? Tattoos are the gift that keep on giving!

Gift Certificates are available in common denominations starting at $20. Our minimum charge for tattooing is $100 and our typical hourly rate ranges between $150-$180/hour, depending on artist.

Available in person at Lunatic Tattoo (as we're currently by appointment only, hours may vary) or contact us via e-mail and we can accept payment through a secure invoice and mail your certificate to you via certified mail (+$8 dollar processing fee).

*As a note, Leif and Danielle are currently booking into next year and that can be disappointing to someone who isn't already on our calendars... We do apologize for the inconvenience!*

**If you have one of the original 50 Lunatic™ anniversary tattoos, you are eligible for a $100 gift certificate every September and a rate of $60/hour! To claim your gift certificate, just come by in person and show us the tattoo and ID**