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Leif ( started piercing in Tucson, Arizona back in 1993 under Jay McPhillips at Enchanted Dragon Tattoo.  During that time, Jim Gallagher, Keely and Glen Tackett, Johnny Ray, as well as Jay and Kauri McPhillips were huge influences on Leif's upbringing in Tucson's body mod community.

After a few years of poking holes in folks, Leif wanted to explore the planet and decided to join the Marine Corps.  Four years later, after many travels, trials, and lessons in attrition and violence, Leif decided to follow his true calling back to the world of body modification.  Making a few arrangements with his old friend Jim Gallagher, owner of Midnight Dragon Tattoo in Saltcoats, Scotland, Leif popped overseas to start his tattoo apprenticeship under a truly professional tattooist.

Following a vigorous instruction period under Jim's wing (with the help of George Stevens of Ayrshire Tattoo!), Leif headed back to the states to get started on a career in the subdermal arts. In 2002, after much searching and perseverance, he finally secured a position as a piercer/apprentice tattooist under Dave Peterson of Dave's Unique Ink in Vancouver, USA. Working closely under Dave at DUI, as well as at numerous tattoo conventions, along with the help of countless clients and friends to practice on, he honed his tattooing until he was ready to open up Lunatic Tattoo™ (08/08/08).

Leif has had several pieces published in a variety of tattoo magazines as well as being featured in the December 2005 issue of Tattoo Savage. He has also been accredited with several awards at local tattoo conventions, ranging from Best Back @ The 1st Annual Portland Tattoo Expo to Best Color Sleeve @ the Ink Traveler's show @ the Red Lion here in Vancouver.

During his first year, Leif was joined by the illustrious and award winning Danielle Alexander (  Her artistic vision and prowess, combined with her many years of tattooing experience, have made her stand out in today's competitive tattoo industry.

Jesse has been tattooing for over 12 years now, and is great at what he does! ( Although traditional/neotraditional tattoos are his main jam, he regularly tackles styles of a wide array.

Primarily by appointment, it's normally best to contact your artist directly to set up a time for a consultation or tattoo, but always feel free to stop by and say Hi! Someone is normally in and tattooing 7 days a week, 10am-6pm, closing at 4pm on Wednesday/Thursday.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking!

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