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Black Grunge
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Already deep into 2024!

It feels like just yesterday I was waiting for planes to fall out of the sky due to the Y2K computer virus, and suddenly here we are, almost a quarter-century later!

My wife had foot surgery in early December, right off the cuff of me recovering from my arm surgery in June. Both kids have knee/foot issues right now as well, and it's been hard keeping them focused on recovering when they just want to run around. Keeping up on keeping them cared for, staying on top of my work, maintaining the business, and a lot of heavy projects at our house, has made for a long and busy past several months for me, with many more ahead.

I'm trying to spend my time wisely and will still be in the studio my typical schedule of 10am-7pm, Friday - Tuesday (someone's normally in 7 days a week), but I may take an extra day or cut out a little early here or there to get some of these other projects done. Please email me if you're interested in sitting down to go over your ideas about a tattoo. -

I appreciate your time and trust with your tattoo inspirations and aspirations.

I'm normally really good about getting back to everyone, but if I've happened to miss your email or phone message, or was busy when you stopped by, I do apologize and please reach back out.

Best to you and yours from me and mine!



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