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Black Grunge
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April 1st, 2020

This April Fool's is no joke! Lolol... Sorry, I'm a mad fool.

As of this post, the latest info on is saying that all 'non-essential' businesses are to be closed until April 6th. That may mean we can't open until the 7th and honestly, they may change it to May 1st or later at any time.

We will update you as this changing situation develops.

Some people are saying not to worry, while others are saying it's extremely worrisome. Either way, we'd rather take care at this time in an effort to protect the susceptible. Be safe and healthy and we hope that this difficult time isn't affecting you or your family too severely.

We love and appreciate you all! - Lunatic

*EDIT* After reading the order more closely, it is currently until midnight on the 6th of April.


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