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Black Grunge
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Hope that you had an excellent 4th of July!

Hope you had an excellent and safe 4th of July! I have to say sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately for the studio! We're still here and rocking everyday.

I've been wrapped up with some solid and needed family time, along with some intensive house projects, not to mention I find I'm happier when I spend less time in the matrix.

I finally started filling up the TikTok, so check us out and give us a follow! =)

I'm booking around 3-5 months out at the moment, Danielle is around 2 months, and Jesse has some walk-in time available here and there, but is roughly 2 weeks out.

Danielle and Jesse both have been rocking some unique and fun projects lately, but they have time for you somewhere in their calendar, so email them to set up a free consultation if you'd like to get that ball rolling!

Thanks for looking, and let's make this an amazing summer! - Leif


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