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Orchards Asylum Since 2008

Welcome! Here at LUNATIC, our team of artists specialize in bringing your tattoo ideas to life, then expertly applying them to your forever.

We strive to provide you with an excellent, professional experience, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


We always use the highest quality equipment, supplies, and techniques to ensure your experience is not only exceptional, but safe.



 We are a smaller studio that operates primarily by appointment, but someone is normally in and tattooing 7 days a week.


Danielle and Leif are booked out quite a ways, with Jesse currently having the soonest availability. Hit him up to inquire about openings or to set up a consultation.


( / @lunatictattoo) - booking 8-10 months out


( / @danielle_lunatictattoo) - booking around 5 months out


( / @jessewaller_85) - booking 1-2 weeks out, but can take the occasional walk in

We tend to be with clients throughout the day and each control our own calendar, so it's usually best to email your artist directly to discuss your ideas, or to set up a consultation.

Water Drops
Grunge Texture
Grunge Texture

“The colors burned in three dimensions. They were windows looking in upon a fiery reality.”

― Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man

Grunge Texture
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