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That was unexpected!

Heya! I hope that you and yours are doing great!

I have been waiting to post something until I had a chance to reach out to all of my possibly affected clients, but I was moving a fridge recently and ended up tearing my bicep right off of my forearm bone! I could HEAR and feel it happen. At first I thought I'd walk it off, but I could quickly tell that it wasn't right or attached the same anymore. I tried going into work, but could tell that wasn't an option. Luckily my client was understanding and I had some time off ahead already, so went down to urgent care, then ER, then surgery a couple weeks later.

Before surgery, I had good use of my hand and arm once the initial pain subsided, but they were telling me I'd only have 30% of the strength, it would be misshapen, and probable complications for life, or try to repair it.

To repair it, they drilled a hole in my forearm bone, then pulled what they could of the tendon and muscle down through that, securing it with a cap and screw. Gnarly! Recovery is going well, but slowly one day at a time. Looking forward to all of this bonus family time!

I'm hoping to be back at it sometime in September, but this has caused a pileup in my already stacked calendar, so I'll be closing my books to any new work until after the January 1st, 2024, most likely. I'll be sure to keep the pages and website updated, but definitely hit up Jonathan ( / @inkabunch76) or Danielle ( / @danielle_lunatictattoo) if you'd like to get something rolling with either of them.

Through COVID and the crushing lockdowns, and several recent years of crazy upside down world, now this nonsense, I somehow managed to rack up 4 years of no alcohol! I walk around high-fivin' myself sometimes, but it just looks like I'm clapping.

Keep staying proactive in positive ways and things will all work out.

Thank you all for your support and patience as I walk this off! - Leif


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