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Which is my birth month flower or stone?

We get a lot of requests for tattoos that incorporate someone's birth flower or stone. I am not trying to get harsh on anyone's creative vibes, but I feel slightly obligated to point out that "birth flowers" are selected randomly by strangers based on flowers that bloom particular times of year, and birth stones are really just random. They don't hold any solid connection to these important people in your life.

Gemstones are not created nor found more any particular time of year, so you're much better off just picking your (or their) favorite color if you'd like a gemstone in your tattoo. Or maybe go with your (or their) favorite flower, instead of feeling tied to certain flowers or stones chosen by someone else.

Of course, it's harder to artistically create a design that flows nicely with a more random or hodgepodge assortment, as opposed to something that's more complimentary or has more uniformity. If you're looking to get tattoos to represent your children or grandchildren, for example, maybe pick your favorite flower (or two types for distinction between kids and grandkids) and then do a number of flowers that matches the number of individuals.

Just a little heads up before you go get those flowers, stones, or colors on you that you don't like. I've actually had people say this, so I thought I'd share!

Hope that you're having a great summer!

- Leif


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